Exceptional Omakase

We believe that the magic of "一期一会ichigo ichie" is created together between our guests and ourselves. Each moment may be fleeting, but our goal is to make every moment precious. The start of the enchanting experience we provide is greatly enhanced when guests arrive early.
In Japan, there is a strong emphasis on harmony, known as "和 wa". At MAHANA, our omakase style originates from the Kyushu-style tradition, originally influenced by the tea ceremony.
At MAHANA, we put a great deal of effort into preparation.
Our efforts begin from the moment our fisherman catches the fish which is then prepared using traditional techniques. Meanwhile, our front-of-house staff prepare their kimonos, our one of a kind dishes are chosen using the art of kintsugi, and fresh flowers are arranged in the traditional art of ikebana.
These preparations are a demonstration of our respect and gratitude towards our guests.
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Dining Etiquette

To ensure that everyone can fully enjoy their MAHANA experience, we ask that guests honour the following.
Punctual Arrival
As our Omakase experience begins promptly at your seating time, we ask that guests arrive 30 minutes ahead of their reservation time, no later than 10 minutes ahead. Our menu is served synchronously so we cannot guarantee that you will receive the full course with a late arrival.
No Perfume or strong scents
Limit phone use
We ask that guests be mindful of others and ask that that guests do not take phone calls while dining.
Photo & Video
You are welcome to capture your experience, though please avoid filming other guests or using a flash.
Creating a harmonious atmosphere between guest and host is vital to us at MAHANA. We believe in the concept of “一期一会 ichigo ichie", which means "one opportunity, one encounter" –  the idea that each moment is unique and should be cherished as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The fate that brings us together is what creates these special moments.

-Yuki Aida


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