Exceptional Omakase

Experience precious impermanence as time-honoured techniques create unforgettable flavours. Taste nature’s gifts.

Precious Gifts

At Sushi MAHANA, our exquisite omakase celebrates the finest ingredients of each changing season. Unique yet informed by tradition, every night’s fine dining experience is exceptional. Chef Hiroshi Hoshiko makes each piece with with hand-selected, local ingredients supplemented by premium fish sourced directly from Japan, creating an unparalleled Kyushu-style sushi. We ensure every moment is immersive and unforgettable.
The Experience

Our Story

Yuki Aida is the proud owner of Sushi MAHANA. She savours the opportunity to be an ambassador of Japanese culture and history. It is an honour for Yuki to don her kimono and welcome our guests who are presented with an omakase menu served in ceramics from Yuki’s own carefully curated collection. Sharing Japan with her guests brings her the greatest joy.

A celebration of Japan and British Columbia’s West Coast

The finest hand-selected ingredients of each changing season.
Sample Menu

Our Chef

Hiroshi Hoshiko

Itacho / Head Chef
Chef Hiroshi’s culinary journey began in southern Japan on Kyushu Island at the renowned Sushi Tora. With a foundation in traditional sushi making, he moved to the west coast of Canada where he established himself as one of Vancouver's foremost sushi chefs. Together with his team, Chef Hiroshi offers an incomparable Omakase experience as he continually strives to elevate Vancouver's sushi culture to new heights.